Scattered to Broken

Scattered to Broken started as a project of Ben Hoganson’s. He wanted some of the songs he recorded in the past to be performed live with the full band treatment he felt they deserved, as most of Ben’s recordings revolve around the acoustic guitar. It started as a bucket list item to play at least three shows, and has continued ever since, with new material written for the band as well as older songs been has released on his albums and other songs he never released as recordings.

It’s difficult to fit these songs into a genre other than rock, but you could call them alternative rock, indie rock, folk rock, shoe-gaze. Sonic comparatives might be Brit rock bands like early Radiohead, Travis, Keane, Pacific Northwest bands like Pedro the Lion and Built to Spill. Ben’s vocals have been compared in the past to Ben Gibbard’s from Death Cab for Cutie. Check out Scattered to Broken’s videos on YouTube and decide for yourself.

Scattered to Broken is the full band. For show bookings in and around the Minneapolis/St Paul area, message Ben Hoganson on Facebook.

Check out the media page for videos from gigs, or YouTube for other videos from shows.